Ngoc Hoang's W60 Dripper Recipe

Ngoc Hoang's W60 Dripper Recipe

Feb 16, 2022 · Coffee · Interview · Ngoc Hoang · Product Tips · Recipe · W60 Dripper

We recently had the chance to talk to Ngoc Hoang, who represented Finland at the 2021 World Brewers Cup, about coffee, cafes and overcoming challenges. You can check out our full talk, filled with lots of interesting tips and anecdotes right here.

Ngoc used HARIO's new W60 Dripper at the championship. It's an exciting new tool that allows for flatbed filters as well as regular paper filters. "I really liked the W60 in the way that it’s really versatile", she explains. "Because you have two layers, and you can choose [to use] one, or you can choose both. And the good thing about this is I’ve always liked flat-bottom drippers, which give the coffee a little bit more body. Also, the mesh dripper in the W60 is flat and plastic, so you actually don’t really reduce the temperature that much.”

Ngoc was kind enough to share with us the W60 recipe that she used in Italy at the World Brewers Cup 2021, which you can find below.

Ngoc using the W60 Dripper at the 2021 World Brewers Cup in Italy.
(Photo credit: Specialty Pal for the Specialty Coffee Association)

Dripper used: W60 Dripper
  12g coffee (Medium-coarse grind size)
  200g water (98°C/208,4°F, 65ppm)
Time: 3:15
Ngoc's comment:
I use both characteristic features of the W60 in my competition recipe competition: the flat bed for the body and filter paper for the clarify of the coffee.
I recommend giving the coffee a shake with a coffee sifter to remove fine particles.
  1. Bloom for 30 seconds with 50mL of water.
  2. Pour another 100mL of water in 30 seconds.
  3. Pour the final 50mL of water at 2:00.
  4. Remove the W60 at 3:15.

Ngoc can be found on Instagram and Facebook, and in the future maybe on YouTube as well (she and her husband are currently working on creating coffee-related videos). The cafe (Papu Cafe) that she started is still being operated and can be visited for a cup of Vietnamese or Western-style coffee. And if you happen to spot Ngoc in her hometown of Helsinki, Finland, make sure to say hi. “My eyesight is like two meters. So if you’re further away than that, I don’t see anything. Maybe that’s why I was really calm on the [World Brewers Cup Championship] stage, because I really don’t see anything except the judges” she laughs.

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