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Brief History of HARIO

Since 1921

The Birth of HARIO

The founder of HARIO, Hiromu Shibata, established his glass factory in Kanda Sudacho, Tokyo in 1921 and started the production of laboratory glassware.

The name of HARIO originates from the ancient name of glass "HARI (玻璃)", and the meaning of "O (王)"  is king in Japanese. Thus HARIO (or 玻璃王) means “the King of Glass” with an ambition to become the No. 1 glass manufacturer.

In 1949

Released Coffee Syphons

In 1949 Hario produced a family-use coffee syphon “Hiromu 50,” which was named after the founder’s name, Hiromu Shibata.

Hario since then kept developing coffee syphon, and in 1967, it released “Model 70” which occupied 70% of the market share, allowing Hario to become a leading manufacturer of the Japanese coffee market.

In 1972

Smoke-Free Factory

HARIO's factory in Japan doesn’t have any chimney due to zero emission of polluting gases.

In 1972, HARIO succeeded in developing an "all-electric melting furnace," which allows to use only electricity throughout the manufacturing process. 

Respecting and contributing to surrounding communities has been  the mission of HARIO. 

In 2001

New HQ in Tokyo

If you ever walk through the nostalgic, vibrant district of Tokyo, known as Nihon-bashi, you might bump into the building with profound feeling, made of stone. 

The historic building, which had been used as a former bank and is registered as a cultural heritage of Tokyo,  was renovated in 2001 into the HARIO's offices/showroom. 

In 2005

Release of V60

After numerous trials and errors, supported by the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship, V60 coffee dripper came to the light of the world. 

With its cone shape, inner spiral libs, and a big hole, V60 gives users a freedom to create variation of brewing methods and easiness to control the taste of coffee to your own preferred flavor.

In 2015

Established the Europe Office

The Europe Office of HARIO, Hario Europe B.V, was established in the Netherlands in 2015 in aims of providing speedy service and developing customer relations.

Hario's international team is excited to connect with those who reside in Europe, and enriching your lives through our brand. 

2021 and onward

100 Years Since 1921

In 2021, HARIO will celebrate the 100 Year Anniversary of company's establishment since 1921.

We are grateful and wholeheartedly thankful for all users of our brand & products. We will put further efforts on development of our brand in order to provide more values to beloved customers.