HARIO Gift Guide

HARIO Gift Guide

Dec 14, 2022 · Coffee · Kitchen · Product Tips · Tea

'Tis the season to be brewing! Look no further for great holiday gift inspiration for your loved ones (or yourself!).

You can these links if you're looking for gifts for someone who:

And also take a look below for a selection of even more gift ideas!

For people who want to keep things tidy:


V60 Filter Paper Stand

Declutter your brewing space by keeping your filters organised in this stylish V60 Filter Paper Stand!
A great, practical gift for the person in your life who is into coffee, good design and keeping things neat.

For the person without a gooseneck kettle:


V60 Drip-Assist Set

The Drip-Assist helps anyone get a steady pour for their V60 brews. Meaning that even with a regular, non-gooseneck kettle, you can get very precise pours for a consistently delicious cup of coffee. This set includes a V60, making it a perfect starting point for new home baristas.

For the latte-lover:


Latte Shaker

No need for expensive milk frothers; all you need to do is shake!
Whether you drink espresso, matcha or filter coffee; the Latte Shaker allows you to easily top create your favourite beverage with a creamy layer of milk. And no electricity needed!

For the person that wants to start brewing right away:


V60 Craft Coffee Maker Set

Ready to step into the wonderful world of specialty coffee? This affordable set has everything you need to get started, making it the perfect gift for that coffee lover looking to expand their horizons.
(And as an added bonus, you can get them to start brewing you a delicious cup of coffee straight away! ;) )

An award-winning brewer for coffee lovers:


V60 Ceramic Colour Drippers - 02 Size

The V60 Dripper is the gold standard for coffee drippers, having been used to win 6 world championships. It's also the only dripper to have more than one world championship win to its name, so you know it has got what it takes.
But it's also affordable, and its versatility makes it great for starters. Not to mention that the ceramic version is available in many colours; so there's always one that fits your style.

For the smoothie lover:


Fruit Smoothie Maker

Make your own fruity smoothies by hand! No electricity needed! Make your favourite healthy breakfast/lunch/dessert/snack in a flash with this unique smoothie maker.
A great gift for the health- and eco-focused person in your life.

For the person who loves great design:

V60 Coffee Mill Olive Wood N


HARIO's beautifully designed olive wood products will look great in any kitchen or brewing bar. The V60 Coffee Mill Olive Wood N combines form and function into a grinder that is easy to use, great to look at, and gives you a consistent grind.

For the barista wanting to enjoy coffee like fine wine:

Coffee Siphon HARIO "Sommelier"


HARIO got its start in coffee with the release of their coffee siphon back in 1948, and have been refining the design ever since!
The Coffee Siphon HARIO Sommelier was inspired by wine tasting and features a decanter-style design, allowing you to fully take in the aromas of your fresh brew.

For the outdoor coffee-lover:

V60 Outdoor Coffee Full Set


The perfect gift for outdoor-coffee-lovers! Enjoy your favourite cup of coffee while camping, on top of a mountain, or at the beach, with this complete outdoor set!
This set contains the V60 Outdoor Coffee Bag, V60 Metal Dripper, 02 Size, V60 Metal Drip Kettle Buono, V60 Metal Coffee Server, V60 Metal Coffee Grinder, 2 V60 Metal Stacking Mugs, and 40 sheets of 02 Size Filter Paper.

For the bean-focused barista:

Coffee Roaster Retro


The HARIO Coffee Roaster allows you to roast your own coffee beans, right in the comfort of your own home. Fine-tune your coffee experience to your exact tastes, and brew your perfect cup of coffee.

For the ultimate coffee connoisseur:

Water Dripper "Wood"


Who said that art can't also be functional?
This beautifully crafted Water Dripper will undoubtedly be the centrepiece of any coffee collection. Enjoy the almost meditative qualities of the slow and deliberate brewing process of this classically-styled piece.
Perfect for the ultimate coffee collector.

Didn't find what you were looking for? HARIO has something for everyone, so make sure to check our collections!

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