Water Dripper Wood, 6 cups
Water Dripper Wood, 6 cups

Water Dripper Wood, 6 cups

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The best things in the world take time.

The Water Dripper "Wood" features a beautifully crafted classic design, which will make the dripper a great centrepiece for your home. The intricate-looking mechanisms and glass tubes allow you to follow the whole brewing process from start to finish. The almost meditative qualities of the brewing process are relaxing to watch, and make for a great conversation starter.

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Product information


SIZE: W205 × L135 × H475mm, Φ77mm

CAPACITY: 6 cups

WEIGHT (Incl. box): Approx. 1,800g


Lid, Upper bowl, Pot, Lower bowl: Heatproof glass

Sealant attached to the lid, Joint of cock: Silicone rubber

Faucet, Metal filter: Stainless steel

Measuring spoon: Polypropylene

Cushion: Felt

Made in Japan.

NB: Only the server is safe for use with microwaves.

Dishwasher safe, except for the wooden stands.

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